At Treignac Projet, visual artist Les Joynes will create Form Laboratory II

Form Laboratory ( created in 2009) is a trans-global site of process that defines itself in the locations it appropriates – transforming and mutating objects that have fallen and then re-birthing them with narratives. Launched in New York in 2009, Form Laboratory explores different sites (Singapore, New York and future sites being prepared for Taipei, London, Beijing) creating an encyclopaedia of ontological investigations, especially narratives that have faded into a realm of the unindividuated– Form Laboratory investigates the locus and site of individuation across different cultures.

By disrupting the more fixed approaches to art making that exist in an isolated practice – the destabilizing effect of the partial collaborations are evoked in the new context of all of us. By working in groups outside of the solitary model and with the destabilizing structure of newness in other cultures – art making is forced into a state of constant destabilization mediated through continuous cross testing – evolving from a site that is not predictable – working within progressive destabilizations.

Interruptions having somehow the same meaning as that which does not cease. Both are affects of passivity. Where power does not reign – nor initiative, nor the cutting edge of a decision – there, dying is living. There dying is the passivity of life – of life escapes freed from itself and confounded with the disaster of a time without present which we endure without waiting, by awaiting a misfortune which is not still to come, but which has always already come upon us and which cannot be present.

- Maurice Blanchot, The Writing of the Disaster, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 1986, p 21

Distraction is the side-glance – the moment of non-focus where the crystal point of the person evaporates in an instant. It is the interruption that undermines and disrupts the imagined seamless recursion of narratives that make up the parade of endlessly unfolding sequences of universes that we individually experience in every waking and sleeping moment.

Form Laboratory II is the second installation in a developing programme of international collaborative projects as part of Transcontemporary - a multi-site program of founded in 2009.

"We live in a sea of detritus; orphaned objects are all around us and each has a discoverable narrative. Objects cast off onto the street (trash, recyclables, litter) produce orphans of form. Their reading collapses and they become either invisible or part of the ambient formic noise of the street." (Joynes, Les Form Laboratory I, catalogue,2009)

...I am for the art of abandoned boxes, tied like pharaohs. I am for an art of water tanks and speeding clouds and flapping shades...Im for an art that is combed down, that is hung from each ear, that is laid on the lips and under the eyes, that is shaved from the legs, that is brushed on the teeth, that is fixed on the thighs, that is slipped on the foot... Square which becomes blobby." [Oldenburg, Claes, Store Days: Documents from the Store (1961) and Ray Gun Theater (1962) Selected by Claes Oldenburg and Emmett Williams, Something Else Press, Inc, New York 1967. p 42]

About TransContemporary

TransContemporary, founded in New York in 2009, is a multi-site residency and artist-discourse program that engages contemporary artists and explores tactical cultural spaces at different global sites. In contrast with fixed-site residencies TransContemporary uses a nomadic model of residency that facilitates contemporary exchange of ideas, material uses and site history to explore new modes of making, and conceptualizing art and process in different cultures.

As part of TransContemporary 2010 Joynes will create a series of collaborative projects with contemporary artists at Treignac Projet in Correze, France with an exhibition and on-site studio laboratory with presentations on transnarratives in contemporary art, as well as issues of deterritorialization and reterritorialization.

Les Joynes lives and works in New York. He is a graduate of the MA programme in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, London and visiting scholar in contemporary art at Columbia University, New York 2008-2010. His work has been exhibited at Michael Steinberg Fine Art, New York; South La Brea Gallery, Los Angeles; Sandra Buergel Gallery, Berlin (curated by Klaus Winichner) ; Nylon, London; Amotgaard, Norway; New General Catalog; Peer/ Michael Mazzeo Gallery, New York; Mizuma Gallery, Tokyo; Museum of Modern Art Wales; The AIT Tactical Museum and The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. Upcoming exhibitions include The Psychedelic Nomad and the 2012 Apocalypse in Nagano, Japan and Painting Zombies at the Katherine Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, curated by Clarence Morgan. He was a Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Fellow in Norway (2008) and an artist fellow at the Bauhaus Kolleg in Germany (2009) for their Cities of Tomorrow Programme in Dessau, Berlin and Singapore.

still from form lab
















(Image above) Form Laboratory I (2009), video still with Tom Bogaert, New York

(Images right) Bubble (2010), video stills from Form Laboratory II,

all images courtesy of the artist.