Project Woodpecker 31July-12 September 2010



Luxury Logico is structured around a core cell of four artists, on to which different actors are added creating a team. This transformer-like partial modularity is directed towards a wide range of artistic social interactions, gifting and symbolic exchanges that build up infrastructures of reciprocal obligations. Luxury Logico promote high Betweenness and can be understood as founding a geographically dispersed Village through which information, skills and support travel. The bias towards a sustainable approach to living closely responds to a rejection of hierarchically structured organisations and their inability to adequately understand or generate solutions to environmental issues.




Project Woodpecker is in four main parts:

The Windowpecker; This piece is inspired by the sounds made by the woodpecker as it picks insects from trees. The artists found that the old yarn machines in this abandoned factory and the tapping woodpecker share a similar rhythm. Luxury Logico creates a machine doctor 'Windowpecker' to heal the machines. The 'Windowpecker' will weave a new relationship similar to woodpeckers and trees. Weaving machines are like those trees in forest waiting to come alive again. The woodpecker knocks the old machine repeatedly. The sounds from these two objects form a new melody. The repeated rhythm is like a set of signals waiting to be recognized. The artists would not only want to use the rhythm to refresh the old environment but also the old feelings about Treignac.

Chinese Characters Drawing: To introduce the philosophy of Chinese calligraphy to Treignac residents, Luxury Logico will provide local audience with a traditional way of creating Chinese calligraphy in red pepers as a symbol of blessing. Artists invite their audience choose one or some words they would like to give away as blessing and help them translate the words into Chinese. Participants could then use brush and ink trying to do calligraphy and keep the blessing words. Through the process of exchanging cultual background, communication could be brought up between artists and local participants.

Auto-Reform: The concept of this art piece is to bring new life into old items of Treignac. The performance will be presented as a video. The owner of these old items will maintain the same position throughout the whole process-performance and, through stop-frame animation, those items will be reformed automatically!
The symbol of this video (a clockwork goldfish) was created by professional illustrator Sih-yu Lin. Different from a real fish, a clockwork fish is lifeless. The painter gives a heart to the clockwork goldfish, the heart represent a new life. The team expects that through this community involvement action, a fresh spirit could be injected into the local community.

Body reconnection/ communication through movement; From visitors' perspective, artists tend to explore a new way to connect with Treignac. Team Luxury Logico invites Yuju Lin, a professional dancer and choreographer, to design a set of new body movements based on the Chinese characters 我在法國 (I am in France). Miss Lin will teach the local participants these movements to let them experience different culture through their bodies. During the team's stay in Treignac, they will use this experimental project to create a body reconnection instruction video. The team will bring this video back to Taiwan, and also leave as a gift to Treignac project. During the exhibition opening on 31st of July, Luxury Logico will prepare traditional Taiwanese cooking and invite audience to taste it!

Luxury Logico are Chih-chien Chen, Kun-ying Lin, Keng-hau Chang & Geng-hwa Chang with the addition of Yu-ju Lin, Sih-yu Lin, and Frankie Su. They live and work in Taipei, Taiwan.

Reforming (2010), video still. Cooutsey of Luxury Logico
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